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The encode process of PHP LockIt encodes the script, making it unreadable.


In the "Lock Key" entry box, enter a unique key that you wish to use to encode your scripts. It is recommended that this is at least 10 characters long. It can be a few words or a complete sentence. Alternatively, click the "Random" button to generate a random lock key. It is not necessary to remember this key.

To make the encoded script only run on certain IP addresses or domains, select the appropriate checkbox and enter a list of IP addresses (e.g. or a list of domains (e.g. ""). If there is more than 1 entry in the list, seperate them with spaces. Enter a message that you want to display if the script is run on a different IP address or domain into the appropriate box.

To set an expiry date on the script, select the "Expire After" checkbox. Click the dropdown symbol next to the date and select the expiry date. Enter a message that you want to display when the script has expired.

To reset the settings to their default values, click the "Reset" button.

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