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Obfuscation is the concealment and complication of information to intentionally make it more difficult to understand. When applied to a PHP script, obfuscation makes the script much less readable. The intention is to remove some useful information (such as variable and function names). Once this information is removed it cannot be restored.


Comment and Whitespace Removal

PHP LockIt! will remove comments and whitespace automatically when obfuscation is enabled.

Name Replacement

To enable function name replacement, variable name replacement or constant replacement select the appropriate checkboxes.

Name replacement is carried out across all files encoded in a single run of PHP LockIt!. This means that if a function, variable or constant is shared between different files, the function, variable or constant can be accessed correctly from each file.

To exclude certain names from replacement, enter them into the relevant "Except these" box. Use this to prevent replacement of names that you want to keep (e.g. functions called from outside of the obfuscated script (such as configuration variables), special variables that you want to preserve).

The "Auto Exclude" option causes PHP LockIt! to attempt to identify names that cannot be safely obfuscated. It is recommended that these are selected unless there is a specific reason to disable them.

Other Options

The "Replace Standard Functions" causes PHP standard function calls to be obfuscated.

"Replace Strings" adds some simple encoding of strings that appear in the script to make them not immediately readable.

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