What is PHP LockIt!?

PHP LockIt! is a PHP script encoder. It prevents others from seeing your PHP source code.

Why do I need PHP LockIt!?

There are many uses of PHP LockIt!

  • Intellectual Property Protection
    • Shareware authors can publish their PHP scripts in encrypted form.
    • Freelance PHP coders can prevent their clients seeing some of their PHP code.
  • Privacy
    • Shared or hosted servers disc space is visible by others, including the ISPs.
  • Security
    • Hide sensitive information, such as MySQL usernames and passwords.
    • Prevent others finding security holes in your PHP code.

How does PHP LockIt! work?

PHP LockIt! uses 2 techniques to protect your code. The first is obfuscation, which involves replacing your function, variable and constant names with nonsensical names. The second is a sophisticated encoding of your PHP scripts. It produces an encoded version, which you can use just like the original (for example you can "include" it in other scripts) but is not human readable.

The encoded script contains extra decryption code (also encrypted) that decrypts the script automatically on execution. The decrypted version of the original script is stored in memory only, not on disc.

How secure is PHP LockIt!?

Obfuscation is a one-way process. It removes name information from your script, making it impossible to reconstruct the original.

No security system is 100% secure. PHP LockIt! will deter the vast majority of potential "crackers". Breaking into a PHP LockIt! encoded script would require considerable expertise and effort.

Any person acting to steal your intellectual property is performing a deliberate act to do so. It is therefore possible to establish wilful theft more easily from backup or accidental copying.

How many scripts can I encode?

There is no limit to the number of scripts that you can encode once you purchase PHP LockIt!

How long does the PHP LockIt! licence last?

When you purchase PHP LockIt you get a license to use the software indefinately. Minor upgrades in software are also free.

The PHP LockIt! demo license lasts for 30 days. After this time you should purchase a full version of PHP LockIt if you wish to continue using it.

What are the system requirements for using PHP LockIt!?

See the requirements page.

Do I need to set write permissions on encoded scripts?

No. There is no need to set write permission on a script encoded with PHP LockIt! In fact it is highly recommended that you do not allow world write access to your scripts since this could be a security risk.

Are there any restrictions on distributing scripts encoded with PHP LockIt!?

If the scripts are written by yourself, or you are the copyright holder then there are no restrictions. For all other scripts, you may only use encoded scripts on websites maintained by yourself.

Are there any limits on the size of scripts that I can encode?

No. Scripts of any size can be encoded.

Can I distribute the PHP LockIt! software?

No, you may not distribute the PHP LockIt! program itself. You may distribute scripts that you have encoded using PHP LockIt!

Do I need PHP to encode scripts using PHP LockIt!?

No, it is a standalone executable. There is no need to install PHP on your local machine in order to use PHP LockIt!

Does PHP LockIt! affect performance of encoded scripts?

There is a slight performance decrease, due to the decryption process. In tests this has not been noticable to an end user.

Will encoded scripts work on Windows PHP servers?

Yes. See the requirements page for further details.

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